when an old friend doesn’t give up on you

This afternoon I had tea with an old friend. I am in awe of how powerful it is to be in someone’s presence who has known you for many years, and really knows you. Knows that your circumstances and your story and your struggles are not you and don’t define you. The ability to pick up where you left off after not seeing each other in years is not something to be taken for granted. The ability to hold one another and hug after sporadic phone call catch-ups is not something to be taken for granted.

I met this friend my first week of college. Our lives took very different paths, but our core beliefs stand strong. I find myself reflecting on the glory that is finding a kindred spirit. Finding “my people.” It doesn’t happen all at once or in a big group the way we are often told. But it’s there, and even if geographical distance is a challenge, today made me remember it doesn’t need to be a defining factor in the relationship.

I am so grateful to the people in my life who didn’t leave when it became really hard. When I became a symbol for something most of us never want to think about if we have a choice. Many did not stick it out. Hard times test friendships, and today I make the conscious choice to dwell on those that still stand by side, not the ones I grieve. That is how I can keep going.

thank you thank you thank you


One thought on “when an old friend doesn’t give up on you

  1. It is wonderful to have a friend that you go way back with. I see my friend twice a year and it is like we see each other every day. We just pick right up where we left off. I don’t have a lot of friends but I definitely have kindred spirits that I find depth and life with.

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