poem for mean minds

brain won’t stop

go go go

i’m bad

the world is bad

humans are bad

i’m in danger

the world is in danger

i should be better

i should be more 

i am not enough

i am not enough

i am not enough 

brain won’t stop


i know i am the observer 

i am the one listening to these thoughts

i am the consciousness able

to write them down here

but they are so loud

the trees are so quiet

i would like to be a tree

i would like to know myself

to be more than just

an observer

i would like a quiet brain back


2 thoughts on “poem for mean minds

  1. Boy do I want to be more than an observer. I want my quiet mind back. Actually when I think about it I have never had a quiet mind. I guess I will just have to be a compassionate non-judgmental observer. I am getting better at it every day. Thanks for the poem. It really helped me turn things around today.

  2. Yes to the compassionate non-judgmental observer! Certainly a constant challenge but in the right direction I think. Thanks so much for reading! All the best to you.

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