solstice, new moon, and a blessing for the chickens

This morning I woke up and was soon told about the death of one and the serious injury of two chickens at a dairy farm I spend a great deal of time at. An animal had gotten into the henhouse during the night. A second chicken, of the three attacked, passed within a few hours. As far as I know, the third chicken is still hanging on, but in critical condition.

I saw them this morning, lying on the ground outside the henhouse, two farm-dogs barking at the chickens, motionless on the frozen earth.

I had to drive away, to a meeting about art and writing. I was engrossed in the conversation about inspiring possibilities for collaboration and creation and skill-building. I couldn’t stop thinking about the chickens. About how often I eat chicken and don’t think about the chickens that were killed in order for me to eat them. About the chickens lying lifeless, and about all the chickens still alive and well in the henhouse–how vulnerable and helpless all the chickens still alive they are. I thought about animal vulnerability and human vulnerability. And I also thought about creation: the creation of art, the creation of meaning through words. I myself felt helpless. Nothing I could do for the chickens or for the dear one who had to grapple with their death. But somehow it felt like all I could do to be inspired and pulled to creating beauty and meaning through art. Because such is the cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth. Transforming tragedy into something new. Otherwise, it gets stuck, does it not?

We are at a powerful moment in the calendar: “It’s the great turning point of the year; you can feel it in your bones.  Here in the Northern Hemisphere we come to the extreme of stand still where the Sun now pauses and touching the darkest still point, begins the ascent into light.  Those fortunate ones in the Southern Hemisphere are basking in the fullness of light as the Sun reaches maximum flooding them with vitality and energy.  Solstice, a power point of the year, and this year, lordy, lordy, we are blessed with a New Moon just a couple of hours after Solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn and we astrologically begin the New Year.  Western astrology is Sun based.  Here’s what to do with that double do-wop combination:  Set your many faceted, detailed intentions from your heart for all that you want to create in your life in the next year.  Take some time with this.  It’s impactful and important.  Go deep into the darkness and Get Very Clear about what you want to get rid of in your life, write it down and burn or bury it. You have been gifted with a huge reset as we enter the realm of Capricorn.” –Patricia Liles from The Power Path website

So many intentions for my heart. So much I am ready to let go of. So much I hope to manifest. Patricia writes above “a huge reset,” not “a complete reset” and I am thinking maybe it is never possible to completely reset. I can’t entirely shake off the feeling of seeing those chickens. I can’t completely release the traumas and challenges of recent times. But I can work in each moment to release as much as possible, and what is left, I can attempt to transform into something beautiful. Blessings to the chickens. Sadness for the chickens. Intention towards exuding the positive energy necessary to transform.


2 thoughts on “solstice, new moon, and a blessing for the chickens

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