silence and speech

I am thinking about silence and speech.

“Our choosing to live in the noise of our thoughts and emotions – within the incessant clamor around us – happens almost without our recognition…But Silence was here before anything else, and it envelops everything else. It is the most primary phenomenon of existence, both palpably something and seemingly nothing….Silence bears the wholeness we keep looking for while we do not know exactly what we are looking for. It is around us and within us. It goes to the deepest depths of the soul into the outermost reaches of the cosmos and continually unites the two at the centering place of a heart. Here we discover the power of re-creation. Here everything comes alive again as if for the first time.” -Robert Sardello from Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness. 

and then….

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. 

I am thinking about silence and speech. About the power of being quiet and going inward. How I find myself increasingly craving quiet, silence, and alone-time because in that space (because I often experience silence as a space) I feel most myself. Most true to my core. And also how I am often not a silent person. I am a person who speaks often, with friends, at work, and I have chosen to speak loudly and publicly, in several instances, against injustice.

I wonder if Sardello and King can both be right. I think they might need to both be right in order for revolutionary work to keep happening. The spiritual and the political. The grounding in our own truth and the need to speak up in the name of truth. This coming “alive again as if for the first time” is so crucial in social change. We need to be able to continue to reinvent ourselves and the way we connect to movements and news stories and actions. Then we need to have enough silence to be able to honor our self reinvention, so we can best decide how to speak out. I desperately need both Sardello and King to be right.

I am thinking about silence and speech.


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