embracing self-love, one public bathroom at a time

I am working on a long-term, lifelong project of trying to embrace self-love, stop the constant negative self-talk, and transform that energy into positive pulsing that I can project out into the world as a force of peace. Many many days I fail miserably at this. Some days I have glimpses where I feel the work and the intention might be paying off. A quick moment when I am washing my hands in a public restroom, look up at the mirror, and smile, saying, “I’m really glad I’m YOU.” This does not happen all the time. Believe me. But it has been happening more frequently since I made this such a high priority.

“Ultimately, self-compassion is a series of choices, a moment by moment conscious turning away from that which will harm your spirit toward that which will nourish and sustain you. It is choosing, in any particular situation, and over and over again whether you’ll treat yourself well, or beat yourself up, whether you’ll deny yourself, or treat yourself as lovingly as you’d treat your child or your most precious friend. Self-compassion means looking at yourself with kindness, with a conscious awareness of your sufferings, and in time, with a deep appreciation for the way you have transformed them.” – Loving Yourself by Daphne Rose Kingma


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